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  • Noctamid (Lormetazepam) 1 mg is used for the treatment of sleeping problems.
  • This medication helps in preventing early and midnight awakenings.
  • It is a member of the drug class called benzodiazepines.


About Noctamid (Lormetazepam) 1mg

Noctamid (Lormetazepam) 1mg helps in the treatment of sleeping problems. This medicine belongs to the drug family known as benzodiazepines. Use of this medicine helps you prevent early or nigh time awakening.

How to Use Noctamid (Lormetazepam) 1mg?

Take Noctamid (Lormetazepam) 1mg as recommended by the doctor. This medicine is taken orally with water. Also, read medication book for more details about this product.

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